Icebarrier Mountains

population: 8,000+ (95% Dwarves)

The largest mountain chain currently known, the Icebarrier stretches from one side of the Hearthlands to the other, forming a natural wall. The warmer air behind the mountains, combined with the height of the range (an average of four miles) has slowed the advance of the snow and ice, but it has not stopped them completely.

There is a permanent snow as low as 3,000 feet, even in summer, and in winter, the snows extend far into the foothills on the Hearthland side.

The population (not including Frost Dwarves) consists mainly of trappers and hunters, who hunt bears and wolves for their fur and teeth, and mountain deer and wild goats for their meat.

Hellfrost Pass
The Elemental Locus

Icebarrier Mountains

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