Four Sheaves Tavern

A small tavern located in a small village with no name, three miles north of the city of Aslov.
It’s not the best tavern in Rassilon, but it is warm and the food is almost palatable. The inn is small and of little renown. Much of it’s business comes in fall, when merchants and farmers heading to and from Dunross pass through the village.

The inn boasts a single private room, two twin rooms, and a sleeping area in the main bar. The bedrooms are poorly furnished, though each contains a fireplace and a stack of wood. Food and drink are palatable, though during winter there is little variety. Thanks to the flour shortage there is no bread. All anyone can order is moldy cheese, dried meat, and weak vegetable broth, washed down with warm beer and thin wine (red or white).

Food and Drink
Cheap meal 5 Silver
Beer, 4 pint pitcher 2 Silver
Wine, 1 pint pitcher 3 Silver

Communal bar 2 Silver
Shared Room 4 Silver
Private Room 8 Silver
Bath 1 Silver
Stabling, with oats 5 Silver per horse

Four Sheaves Tavern

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