Population: 283
Ruler: Mayor Agdi Skulisunu
Religion: Eostre Plantmother, Var
Imports: Cloth
Exports: Apples, cider, grain, vegetables

Dalsetter is a small farming community about a day’s hard ride (two days by wagon) due west of Aslov. Oval in shape, the village sits behind a wooden palisade. The gates are open during daylight hours. The two guards on duty give travelers only a cursory glance. At night, the
number of guards outside the gates is doubled, the gates
barred from the inside, and two additional guards stand
on duty behind the gate.

Governed by an elected mayor, the town grows and
exports grain and a variety of vegetables. Much of its
grain is turned into flour elsewhere, since Dalsetter has
no mill. While the mayor is in charge, he must placate
the landowners, whose crops keep the village prosperous.
All of the land claimed by the villagers belongs to
ten landowners, with most other citizens working the
land in return for a wage. During summer, when the
fields need little attention, the citizens earn a living by
producing handicrafts. Two areas of common land are
used for grazing small herds of sheep and goats, which
provide the locals with milk and cheese.

Located in a moderately trouble free region, it has
a dozen full-time watchmen answering to the village
constable. An additional 35 villagers are members of the
militia, though their training is limited and their morale
questionable. The small settlement also boasts a healer
and herbalist, a chandler, and a general store.
Part of the adventure N1: Lair of the Vermin Lord
takes place in Dalsetter.

The Spilt Tankard:
Until a few months back Dalsetter’s
only inn was named the Four Sheaves. Travelers and
merchants would make frequent reference to the “other”
Four Sheaves, claiming that establishment was much
nicer. After some research it was discovered there was an
inn in a small village outside Aslov with the same name.
To avoid future confusion, Dalsetter’s inn received a new
name in honor of the innkeeper’s typical response when
the quality of his establishment is slighted.


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