Aslov lies at the edge of the Jagged Peaks and is the first settlement of note south of Hellfrost Pass. It is also a town entering it’s twilight years.

Freelands area

The city has far exceeded it’s capacity to house refugees. Hundreds of desperate souls live outside in tents, surviving on charity and what little food they can scavenge from the surrounding countryside. The area has become known as Tent Town. The city gates are closed at night, but the city guard patrols the perimeter around the clock, for in Tent Town, a scrap of black bread or sliver of rancid meat is enough motive to commit murder.

Inside, the city is divided into the High Quarter, which houses the rich and powerful, as well as the merchant’s warehouses, and the Old City, where the majority of folk live.

Whereas the High Quarter remains uncrowded (the citizens have refused to allow refugees to live there), the Old City is teeming with people, teh majority of which are refugees fleeing their homes in the High Winterlands. The wealthy of Aslov never walk the Old City without armed guards.

Disease is a constant problem, as is the ever-increasing crime level. Murder rates have doubled, with citizens killing each other for a crust of bread, and theft has risien by many times as citizens rob each other to pawn goods so as to buy food. Dozens of citizens vanish each night. Many are simply murdered for their few possessions and their bodies dumped in the overworked sewers, but some are sacrificed by their growing number of cultists or, more sickeningly, become part of the food chain.

Despite being surrounded by good farmland, the shortening summers and influx of people has led to very low food supplies and starvation is a constant problem. Food riots have broken out several time, the last one having to be quashed with lethal force to restore order to the town.

The Healing House
The Sisterhood of Mercy maintains a small shack in Tent Town where they provide free healing to the refugees. There are just four Sisters working here, protected by 20 Swords of Necessity.

The Last Chance Tavern
Situated just inside the city walls, the Last Chance is a favorite watering hole of adventurers heading to Hellfrost Pass. The owner, a retired Hearth Knight named Jorg Nader, entertains the patrons at night with tales of the horrors which lies beyond the mountains. He also doubles as a recruiter for the Knights.

Soup Kitchen
Operating out of the slums is a soup kitchen. Free soup (watery but edible), and hard, black bread are handed out each day to the refugees and inhabitants of the slum district. On a good day, the citizens can also enjoy roasted rat on a stick.

As well as stocking trade goods, the warehouses also hold the town’s food reserves. The warehouses are well-guarded day and night following the recent riots.

The two favorite rumors regarding the warehouses are they are already empty (and the guards are maintaining the illusion of normalcy to prevent further riots) and they are packed full to the brim with food, but only for those living in the High Quarter.


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