Rodgar ap Annwn

Free Farmer from Dalsetter, Employer of the Party in Lair of the Vermin Lord


Rodgar ap-Annwyn is a farmer from the village of Dalsetter, a free town in the Free Lands south of the Jagged Peaks.

Rodgar has a respectable sized farm in Dalsetter. With the town being a Free Town and not under any feudal obligations, farmers are wealthy by the standards of most fantasy settings where most farmers are usually lumped in as shit farmers for whatever reason. This is not the case.

Rodgar has an assistant that manages his affairs in Dalsetter while he conducts much business for himself and on behalf of the village in Aslov. He put out flyers looking for anyone willing to brave the dangers of the rural roads north of the city to take a wagon to Dunross to pick up a shipment of flour to take to Dalsetter. The village is dangerously low on supplies and has to have an emergency shipment of flour if it is to survive the winter.

Rodgar has arranged for the shipment to be given to the party and the baker in Dalsetter is expecting them. The baker will pay them for the shipment upon delivery. They are to take 50 gold scields apiece for their payment upon delivery from the baker and deliver the remainder of the money to his assistant at his residence in Dalsetter.

Rodgar ap Annwn

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