Hellfrost: Tal Dagore Game Guild

Lair of the Vermin Lord Part 3.1

a interlude adventure for two players

This session was scheduled for 2/21 then 2/22 and only Gavik and Emeric showed up.

The session began as the last session left off with the arrival of the Mayor and the town guards. The flour was secured and the players joined the mayor at his office to fill him in on all the details of what occurred. It was decided not to smear Pendas name but the town confiscated all the flour for the good of the region and his goodman was arrested to be judged by the clerics who handle such things. It was decided that the buck toothed individual was most likely a cleric of the vermin lord and in residence at a long abandoned tower to the north of town based on the information Lord Emeric was able to extract from the orc. Gavik and Emeric agreed with the mayor that this needed to be ended asap. Penda was given a proper burial overseen by Gavik and the crew including Malac(npc) and Emeric and two town guards headed north as the mayor send a rider to try and intercept our friends and send them our way to help out. As we neared the tower we were beset by orcs. The first rounds went well but as more orcs joined the fray the two guardmen soon fell with fatal wounds and Gavik was sorely beset while Emeric continued to cast a single spell for 5 rounds. (needed the bonus as the previous attempts had failed miserably.) Finally after Gavik has recieved 3 wounds and was stunned our Lord mage finally released his spell devastating the three orcs in a single round. Malac had run after the orcs to the west as we delt with the orcs to the east and north. After healing, Gavik blessed and buried the two guardsmen and they set off to thee west following the tracks Malac left behind in his pursuit of the orcs.

Thus ended the session. The final stage of the lair of the vermin lord is yet to come.
(Posted by Mark Strahm)



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