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Lair of the Vermin Lord Part 3

Hellfrost Savage Worlds

February 3rd, 2011

The game began with the party traveling away from the village of Dunross as it burned behind us. Gavik continued to heal Malac Iceheart from his fearful wounds suffered in the escape. The party drove on till dark with the four survivors of the town and set up camp for the night.

There they were joined by two travelers. Mage Lord Emeric of the First Sphere and a Engro by the name of Tyr. The next morning three of the travelers were fatigued from their night without proper clothing even with the efforts of the party to use the grain in the wagon to create somewhat of a insulated shelter. At this point Jotun and Jarlborn and Tyr offered to escort the citizens to the main city of Aslov in their search for help and Malac, Gavik and Emeric proceeded on to Dalsetter to deliver their grain and grim news.

Their arrival in Dalsetter was anticlimatic as they were simply waved thru the gate with directions to the bakery. At the bakery after delivery and recipt of the 600 scields they informed the baker of the circumstances around the delivery of only 30 bags rather than the 50 anticipated and the destruction of Dunross. He insisted that the mayor be told immediately and went to get him telling the party he would meet them at the inn.

The party then headed for the estate of Rodgar Ap Anwynn who had hired them originally to procure the grain and deliver it to Dalsetter. Upon arrival at Rodgars estate however it became apparent that frostborn are not held in high regard here as well and the goodman insisted that the bakers apprentice escort Malac and Emeric to the Inn while Gavik concluded the business. Gavik insisted upon giving Malac his share before he left and set aside the shares for Jarlborn and Jotun. While the business concluded Malac and Emeric met the mayor at the inn and filled him in on the details of the business at Dunross and the resulting destruction. They also found out that the Apple tree and Wheat Sheaf design from the empty grainery at Dunross belonged to a local freeman farmer who the mayor insisted was the most honest man he had ever met. The meeting did not end well as Malac’s frost-born heritage again conflicted with the mayors common sense.

The next morning the three were on the road to the Free farmers hold and were welcomed in by him. Soon however upon being told of the atrocity at Dunross and with some intimidation by Malac and Gavik he soon confessed that he had been approached by a man in black with buck teeth who had told him he could be very rich or considered the savior of the area if he moved his grain early and the man in black would arrange to make sure that all the other grain was destroyed. The farmer felt terrible as he did not know that Dunross would be destroyed and the guilt of the death of all of the citizens weighed heavily upon him. Gavik played on that guilt to extract as much information as possible until a noise was heard from behind the building.

The group rushed out behind the building to investigate and the farmer rushed toward the center building but found the lock broken and the door barricaded. Mage Lord Emeric had begun casting as he exited the building and loosed a cloud of burning cinders at the stout oaken door. The door took little damage…. however a few cinders went under the door and exploded the flour dust in the air inside and BOOM the building exploded (Malac insists he missed the day they taught the armageddon spell Emric used) the roof flying into the air and the walls exploding outwards killing the farmer instantly as well as an Orc and three giant rats inside and wounding another Orc. Gavik engaged the orc with his mace and Malac fired an frostfire bolt at him at which time the orc surrendered. Emeric proceeded to interrogate the orc with little sucess until Malac lit a board on fire with frostfire and burned the orcs thigh which changed his attitude a great deal. The orc told us of his master who lived in ruins to the north of Dalsetter and of the poison they planned to place in the flour to cause the death of even more of the citizens of the area. Gavik found a vial of the poison on the dead orc. After the orc had told everything he knew Emeric then proceeded to let him go without facing justice gavik tried to catch up to him but his brawny physique prevented him from climbing the fence and Malac had left the area to go get the mayor.

Thus ended the third episode in the adventure. (posted by Mark Strahm)



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