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Lair of the Vermin Lord Part 2

Hellfrost Savage Worlds

Part two of the adventure picked up with the characters camped after finding the corpse of the rider / messenger from Part 1.

Whigruff informs the party that he was a caravan heading towards the Citadel coming from Dunross, three days previous. The caravan had stopped at the Roadwarden tower to shelter for the night and stayed on an extra day to do some necessary repairs to one of the wagons. That second day, while repairing the wagon, the rats came. Hundreds of rats swarmed through the tower making short work of those in his party and the Roadwardens who tried to protect them. He had lashed himself to the supports in the rafters above the second floor trying to avoid the rats. He somehow survived but could not remember much of what happened.

Whigruff intended to head back to Aslov and convinced Swiftwind to accompany him as he is best able to make the trek in the shortest time and later catch up to the party. The two set off with the sunrise and left the party.

Somewhere before noon, Jarlbjorn caught up to the party on the road to Dunross. He traveled with a Frostborn companion named Jotun who appeared to be of Saxa descent.

The party arrived in Dunross a couple of hours before sunset and after explaining to the Senior Watchman their business in Dunross, they were allowed to speak with the towns Mayor. It turned out the town was under quarantine due to a rat infestation. Gavik offered assistance as a healer and it was under this assurance the party was allowed to enter. The presence of two Frostborn in the party made for an uneasy presentaiton of their cause, but the overwhelming need for practiced healers gained them enterance.

Gavik and Malac cared for as many injured as they were able to help while Jotun and Jarlbjorn discussed matters in the town with the locals. As word spread of the Priests arrival in town and ability to cure those recently afflicted with the pox, Malac and Gavik were overwhlemed with those looking for aid in the healers lodge of the town. A traveling Priestess of Eostre had also recently arrived and begrudgingly accepted the assistance of the Priest of Scaetha.

Malac left Gavik to continue his healing work and joined Jotun and Jarlbjorn as they sought out the Grainary Master.

Ulfwynn the Grainary Master accompanied the three to the area of town across the river where the gainaries were. Once there, Ulfwynn pointed out Grainary 1, who’s owner luckily emptied his grain stores only hours before the rat infestation hit Dunross. At least some would be able to eat this winter. Grainary 2, owned by the Party’s patron, was moderatly affected by the rats. A third of it’s stores had been rendered foul by the rats and so the party began to load the wagon.

During this time, Malac investigated Grainary 1 and found glyphs carved into the walls and above the doors of the grainary. Non-magical glyphs of protection from Eostre. The other grainaries had similar wards and glyphs but these had been scratched off of the walls and otherwise defaced.

As the party finished loading the wagon, a literal sea of rats swarmed the walls of the town from all directions. Several giant rats, the size of small ponies were among the swarms. The party spurred the horse team forward and raced for the main gate of the city.

Panic errupted in the city as those who could, made their way for the safety of any building that could offer refuge. The wagon rolled down the main street and over the bridge back across the river as swarm after swarm of rats rolled over the wagon. With Jotun at the reins the wagon thundered through the street, crushing countelss rats as Jarlsbjorn and Malac tried to clear the wagon of rats and survive. Malac was gravely injured in the process.

Gavik, seeing the swarm of rats fall over the city, made a run for the wagon and reached the party as they rolled across the bridge. Gavik tried to stabalize Malac as the wagon continued through the town as Jarlsbjorn attempted to pull citizens of Dunross aboard.

Reaching the towns main gates, the number of those rescued from the rat swarms only numbered four. In a last ditch effort, the watchman at the gate gave the final order to torch the oil barrels prepositioned throughout the city.

The wagon rolled through the gate and out of danger as Dunross burned.



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