This is the campaign portal for the Tal Dagore Game Guild Hellfrost Campaign. it is the first sanctioned game in the TDGG. Various GMs run adventures in this one living campaign.

This campaign is being ran online using the Fantasy Grounds 2 virtual table top software and also in person at select TDGG events. Any TDGG GM Hellfrost adventure is part of this campaign so you will find information on various adventures, characters, locations, and stories in general but it is all part of the same living campaign.

I encourage each player to contribute to the Wiki to record as much of the game world as possible. If you see a linked element that hasn’t been fleshed out, or you would like to create an entirely new page, please do so.

When editing anything in the Wiki, if you add a new page please create a listing for it on the Wiki Page using the [[]] brackets and in alphabetical order so we can get as complete of a Wiki as possible for this shared campaign.

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Hellfrost: Tal Dagore Game Guild

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